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Andrew Tompsett
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Conference Planner
A PDF version of our complete conference planner is available.

Michael Decter - Keynote
Towards the Next Canadian Health Care System

Mark Graban - Keynote
Lean and Quality Improvement - Practical examples of how to make lean thinking a daily reality in organizations both large and small

Session 1

  • Dr. Andy Molino:
    Board and CEO collaboration – Making quality a part of everything we do
  • Dr. Todd Sands:
    Understanding and quantifying the patient experience – Building surveys and sampling methods for assessing patient experience
  • Dr. Piper:
    Applications of lean thinking to hospital management – Discussion of the tools developed for producing cars and their applicability to operating health care systems
  • Dr. Snowdon:
    Improving health care leadership – Developing new leaders for new challenges
    • PowerPoint Presentation Slides (PDF Version)

  • Kelly Brownbill:
    Tools for building positive relationships with First Nations & Aboriginal communities
  • Cynthia Majewski:
    Using quality improvement tools for spread

Session 2

  • Harjeet Bajaj:
    Tools for quality improvement – Testing and implementing change through change mapping and mistake proofing (Poke Yoke)
  • Dr. Torres:
    Targeting triple aim through real-world experience
  • Maureen McKenna & Susan Derby:
    Appreciative inquiry – a powerful engagement approach for 21st century health care leaders
  • Dr. Snowdon:
    Innovations in knowledge dissemination – Improving the quality of patient literature
  • Paula Blackstien-Hirsch:
    Role of boards and senior executives – Mission critical for the organization's quality agenda
  • Dr. Lalit Chawla:
    How to use magic & illusions in a clinical setting – Adding a little magic to your care experience
    • Dr. Chawla has a book available for purchase. Details coming soon.
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